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The fair, secure, and transparent smart-ticketing solution


Why we is


Life is about experiences.

Experiences can inspire, change lives, and bring people together. 

Whether a concert, conference, or festival, we strive to facilitate amazing experiences.

HelloSugoi is a revolutionary event ticketing platform. We leverage the Ethereum blockchain to reduce ticket fees, manage the secondary market, and eliminate fraud.

Goodbye fees, fraud, and frustration.


Upcoming Events

FinTech School is organizing a two-day workshop on Saturday (8/19) and Sunday (8/20 ) where you can learn Solidity. It will begin with the underlying concepts, and will build from there to hands-on coding exercises.

Fang Dynasty, the newest player in LA's digital money scene, is announcing their intent to produce visually compelling live events in the world of cryptocurrency. This pizza party is for anyone who is interested in getting involved or learning more information about Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin, or Ether! During the party, you will have multiple opportunities to network with other early adopters of cryptocurrency, and openly discuss the future of digital money. There will be live interactive entertainment, panel discussions about the state of digital money, and pizza!

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Blockchain is eating the world. Gain insights, clarity and tools to make your ventures better and successful. Learn what works and what does not. Interact directly with industry executives and businesses under one roof. The only convention that brings Blockchain community together on the West Coast. Hear leading experts from various sectors specializing in blockchain. Understand where the industry is headed. Connect with people from blockchain industry and its ecosystem. Connect with the disruptors who are taking market share from the incumbents.

Past Events

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The State of Digital Money, hosted by Cureativ, is Los Angeles’ premier professional event and conference focused on the conversation of the evolving trends and emerging technologies disrupting the global financial system and worldwide transactions. Thought leaders, stakeholders, and innovators will converge to discuss innovations in blockchain, ether, AI, and the future of payments.


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Let's face it. So called "convenience" fees totally suck. More like "inconvenience" fees, am I right?

Don't worry, we got you. We've reduced our ticket fees significantly when compared to "the other guys."

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And if trying to "out buy" the bots that snag up all the good tickets isn't enough, how about those ridiculous markups on scalping websites? The worst!!

We're with you on this, too. Easily transfer, gift, and resell your tickets at reasonable prices. Easy peasy lemon squeezey. 

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You've been waiting all week. Tonight's the night. So what if you had to buy your ticket from some sketchy dude online, right?

Don't worry boo, we got you. Buy a ticket with us, and you're 100% guaranteed entrance. 


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Event creators can issue tickets, determine revenue splits, and authorize ticket scanners. 

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Set your price, gift, transfer, or resell your ticket, and let the blockchain handle the rest.

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When the event ends, collect your ETH, revel in the glory of cryptocurrency, and be on your way.


Who we is

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ANgello Pozo

Angello creates Ethereum smart contracts to manage events, tickets, and user accounts with the Solidity programming language. He holds a M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Riverside. Over the last 7 years, Angello has founded and worked as a software engineer at various startups doing front-end, back-end, and DevOps. He's also an instructor at the DApper Network Coding Bootcamp.

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Jason robert

Jason manages the company’s operations, drives product development, and formulates marketing strategy. He’s an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer. Jason has composed songs at BMG Production Music for high-profile TV shows on NBC, CBS, FOX, Netflix, and Showtime. He also releases music as Lost Midas on the Tru Thoughts label to critical acclaim by the BBC and NPR.


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