Blockchain Powered Live Entertainment Ecosystem



We’re building a smart contract protocol for the live entertainment industry


Our protocol can be leveraged by existing event ticketing platforms, event organizers, promoters, and artists to provide greater transparency, security, and efficiency in the event life-cycle. Our smart-ticket technology reduces fees for consumers, enables event organizers to maximize secondary market revenue, and mitigates fraud.

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Price Discovery

With access to accurate price discovery data, event organizers can confidently allocate more tickets at true market value


Maximize Revenue

By collecting revenue typically lost to brokers and scalpers, blockchains reduce the financial risks associated with an event’s operational costs


Mitigate Fraud

Ticket transactions are easily validated and ownership can be verified, mitigating ticket fraud and double-selling


Problems in event ticketing

Events are expensive operations. As a result, event organizers establish costly subsidies and artificial deals to maximize revenue and minimize risk, ultimately hurting the entire event financing process


Solutions in event ticketing

A blockchain powered event ticketing platform would enable event stakeholders to minimize risk and maximize revenue by collecting additional value in a currently inefficient market


Go-to-market strategy

Innovation requires more than just better technology. In a relationship-driven business culture, technological solutions have arguably less influence on how things get done than relationships do


Life is about experiences. Experiences inspire, change lives, and bring people together. They fill us with a sense of awe and wonder, reminding us that we’re a part of something bigger than ourselves; but small players on a vast cosmic stage. Whether a concert, conference, or festival, we strive to facilitate experiences.
— The HelloSugoi Vision Statement


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Angello Pozo

Co-founder & CTO

Angello and Jason Promo Photo.jpg

Jason Robert

Co-founder & CEO


Chris Adelmann.jpg

Chris Adelmann

Former Executive Vice President of Live Nation & Warner Bros

Clayton Blaha.png

Clayton Blaha

Co-Founder of OWSLA & Senior Artist Manager at Blood Company

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Michael Power

Senior Artist Manager at Blood Company

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Adam Berke

Former President & CMO of AdRoll Group


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